tailored sessions

Every session is customized to each client and it starts with the evaluation of a health questionnaire supplied to them in advance. It consists of two steps.

The first one is to assess the client’s energetic disturbances and to test for informational impulses that will correct them. 

The client will hold a metal rod connected to the Chiren® device in one hand while the practitioner will use an instrument, similar to a pen, to measure the meridian points on the hands and feet. This assessment may take up to one hour. 

The second step consists of realigning the chaotic photon emission from incoherent to coherent in order to facilitate self-healing.

In this phase, the client will first hold two glass rods in their hands which are hooked up to the Chiren. Subsequently, they will place their feet on glass plates which are hooked up to the machine as well.

During this time the Chiren® will amplify the body’s coherent light and invert the chaotic light. Since biophotons are light particles that travel at the speed of light, millions of corrective cycles are transmitted through the fiber optic cables per second.

This step takes approximately 30 minutes.

Frequency of sessions

The number of sessions required depends on several factors including:

  • The length of time the problem has existed
  • The acuteness of the condition
  • The body’s ability to recover

The first two sessions should be scheduled four to five days apart. Follow up sessions are scheduled at six day intervals. The goal is to initiate self-healing which requires time, rest and hydration. Some disturbances may not surface until others have been cleared. The therapy is completed once most meridian points achieve coherence. This indicates that ailments are improved. 


The self-corrective cycle created by the Chiren® is safe and noninvasive since it only restores the body’s natural ability to self-heal. No drugs, supplements, or other substances are administered – only light and information.